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Stanica Wodna is situated in the Masurian Lake District, a lake district in the northeastern Poland within the geographic region of Mazuria.
The place is a gem of Masuria, the land of pristine nature on Lake Mokre, which is part of The Krutynia River Trail, one of the most stunning kayaking trails in Poland.

Stanica Wodna is a is near Cierzpięty, in the south of the Mrągowo district, among the extensive pine forests of Masuria, which are part of the Pisz Forest.
It is a picturesque area occupying 6,5 ha of land with wooden lodges scattered gracefully over the area . The nature resort exudes the ambience of rustic simplicity and caters for tastes of those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and relish the nature at its best.

The place is frequented by boating enthusiasts, anglers, canoeists, swimmers, and nature lovers. It offers a wide range of outdoor activities.
There are trails for trekking and biking that run across the fields and through the woods with a variety of wildlife, edible berries and mushrooms for you to stop, marvel at and enjoy.

Fishermen can take a boat and venture out for the pleasure of spending time on the lake,feast their eyes on the magnificent sunrise or admire the sunset heralding the beginning of the evening activities at the campfire. They can also indulge in fishing while sitting on a pier or a jetty in a pleasant camaraderie of jolly companions.

Canoeists cannot miss the joys The Krutynia River Trail offers. All along the Krutynia River, on its both banks, there are deciduous trees that cast their shadows on its smooth water surface. The river bed is overgrown with waterweeds and water lilies. The shores are sandy and easy to reach. There are lots of fish and crayfish so it is also a place for relaxation and pleasure for those indulging in fishing or water sports . A beautiful alley run along the river , sheltered by the shade of trees that gives you a respite on sun scorching days.

Step out of your lodge,
a caravan or a tent into a landscape where opportunities for outdoor adventure and fun are limitless.

There are 52 holiday lodges in the area. The resort boasts a pier , a beach , a lake swimming area for the young where, under a watchful eye of a lifeguard, they can enjoy a soothing dip in the lake.
There is a restaurant nearby and a bar where you can taste the homemade dishes ,
a playground for the children, a football pitch, a volleyball court. You can also play ping-pong on the restaurant’s premises.

Wooden lodges with small inviting porches are scattered over the 6,5 ha of land thus guaranteeing privacy to every visitor as they are within considerable distance form one another.

There are two three rooms in a lodge and each provides sleeping for up to four guests.

The bathroom facilities are to be found in the three separate buildings.

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